A lifestyle guide which delivers by heathrowkennedy

Back in March a friend pointed me in the direction of Urbanologie a realtively new lifestyle guide which they describe as;

"Urbanologie (by invitation only) is the essential, curated lifestyle guide providing daily insightful news, knowledge and personalized information on the latest restaurant and venue openings, invitations to exclusive events and access to exceptional privileges and benefits, as well as essential updates and reviews on the latest lifestyle and fashion trends and recommended travel destinations."

I've given it a couple of months and I have to say I'm impressed.  Recommendations and insights are always relevant (to me) and current.   The communications themselves are crisp and well written and come at a frequency which is complimentary to everything else in my in-box rather than rehashed spam which is often the case.

I've included yesterday's offering below;Image

 Hugo Campbell-Davys has done a good job at delivering exactly on his vision.