Absolutely Crackers ! by Mark Izatt

Despite a heavy London outdoor advertising spend, up until Saturday I was determined to avoid commenting on the new Carr's cracker campaign.  Then somebody tweeted about it and I knew I was not alone.

It is quite the most unappetizing, shockingly bad food based campaign I have ever seen.

The photo direction and execution is so at odds with the tag line "Top class cracker meet 5 star antipasti" it's hard to believe that this ever saw the light of day.  The only excuse would be if it was shot on an iPhone 3 by a overworked assistant brand manager on a 5 minute deadline. 

If a creative agency, professional photographer, food stylist or senior brand marketer came anywhere near this campaign they should be dismissed.

It has made the product look dry, unpalatable and devoid of any appeal. It makes Carr's, in a very competitive category, look like the sort of product which lurks at the back of the pantry, way past the sell-by-date.

Here's hoping it's a short-lived campaign and that none of us find ourselves faced with that at a future party.