Tiffany box(ed) / by heathrowkennedy

Tiffany arguably have one of the most iconic brand identities in the world. Few brands can be identified on the basis of a colour. They can be. Their print advertising always stands out as being effective and clean. The example below is from the London Evening a Standard magazine. It's okay. But that's all. It could have done much more work for Tiffany bearing in mind that this shopping period will see a lot of occasional customers add Tiffany to their consideration set. Or at least they would if there was a little more help. It's good they have focused on the reaction to the gift exchange but it's subtle and without an actual product it does not inspire.

Tiffany also need to drop the shouty-shouty colour block which runs on the bottom third of the page as it detracts from the iconic gift box, and, since this is a London ad, not including the flagship store locations is a wasted opportunity.

Just a bit lazy.