Just the tonic by heathrowkennedy

Fever Tree mixers have gone from being a little niche secret to a must have if you want to stock a credible bar either in your own home or when on the customer side of the bar when out. In many respects it almost is better to have a cheaper gin with Fever Tree than an expensive gin with an inferior tonic. Anyway the founders have just made a small fortune in selling part of the business, however it's the advertising I wanted to address. Firstly, they've been running the same creative since the end of 2009. Smart and efficient. Small spend and originally low awareness so no point in constantly changing style and message. Other brands take note.

Secondly, it's a perfect classic ad. It ticks all of the boxes and therefore delivers on the brief. I started deconstructing it on a recent flight (when I was drinking Gordon's and Schweppes - a double crime I'm afraid) and luckily the very next day discovered a neat little tool called Skitch from the Evernote family. It's great for annotation and I'm going to become a regular user I suspect.