LLoyds Bank

A failure to communicate by heathrowkennedy

Lloyds TSB Bank, during the height of the banking crisis, rode to the rescue of another banking group and in so doing almost destroyed itself. As a "thank you" the European Union demanded they divest themselves of part of their branch network and customer base to avoid breaching monopoly conditions. So the TSB part is being cast aside and the attached letter is detailing what's about to happen to those of us remaining at LLoyds. Only it doesn't really.

They should have saved the postage.

It's amazing that this passed muster before it left the bank. It's dry, difficult to read and basically misses the opportunity to be passionate about the 'new' bank and brand. At a time when bankers need all the help they can get why waste the opportunity ?

Remember this is a communication which people will open before they even close the front door behind them. Only they won't. They could have put in some eye catching service based statistics, humanised the bank but no.

Oh dear.