Luxury Redux / by heathrowkennedy

The last few weeks have been energetic. London - Nice (for lunch) - London - NYC - London.......and now the sleeper to Cornwall. Each journey - a day, a weekend, 24 hours requiring a curation of possessions - things we need for the journey. You could argue these items are our luxuries. They are certainly essential - cards, money, passport but then they go a little deeper. The items we chose, and the rejection of others, makes a statement. This one pair of shoes and not the other ten. The jacket, the book (I would argue there is something more rewarding about selecting the right hardback as opposed to the electronic reader with a multitude of choices), the sweater, the aftershave....all the key tangibles.

Then there are the the more ethereal things we pack. The tools we use to communicate. Compact physical devices which contain our every preference and which spring into life (or don't !) when we land in that distant port. Our tablets and our phones are the keys which open myriad doors for us. If you are reading this and doubt the sentiment consider how you feel when that connectivity fails. I'll return to this theme soon.

Then there are the illogical objects which provide us with deeper comfort. An old sweater to fall asleep wearing at 35,000 feet, a photograph, treasured cuff links.

The list is endless but the space is finite.

It's why travel is a luxury no matter what the class. It's about what you decide to bring with you on the journey.